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Business owners who want to increase profit by reducing monthly utility bills should consider installing a photovoltaic system.

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We offer pre packaged solar panel installation kits containing everything an installer would need to assemble a working solar system.

Our packages ship with the solar modules, inverter, mounting hardware, cables, wiring, and easy to follow instructions.

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Homeowners who want a clean alternative to buying power from the electric company need not look any further.
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Solar Power Engineer Corporation founded and led by a team of engineers that have background in advance technologies, manufacturing technologies, electric vehicles development, environmental studies. With experience in working with non-profit organization, public agencies and private industries in the Green Industries and with proven track record in public relationship, Solar Power Engineer Corporation will provide the best affordable option for our customer in solar renewable energy.

With the global warming and the cost of energy on the rise, Solar Power Engineer Corporation provide an alternative option for those that are concern on the impact they have on the planet and for those that want to stop the high cost of paying for energy. Our knowledgeable design associate will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a solar energy system. Base on your energy needs, we will provide a detail report for you to make your decision. Our design associate will provide you with a free estimate and answer all questions, if investing in solar energy system is right for you. Our goal is to provide a service that our customer is completely satisfied with. Please contact us and give us the opportunity to work with you to make a difference.

An affordable and reliable solution pairing Canadian Solar modules with SMA Sunny Boy inverters and generating a total of 2.8kW. Package price starts at $12,040.

An upgraded package using Trina modules and SMA Sunny Boy inverters and generating 4.6kW.Package price starts at $23,500.

Experienced PV Solar Sales Advisor/Sale Executives

Are you passionate about renewable energy and the change in lifestyle it will bring in the coming years? Solar Power Engineer Corp is actively hiring an experienced solar sales team to find, qualify and advise potential customers on the benefits of going solar.

-I’ve heard about rebates and incentives for alternative energy. Are these available?
Every utility (from conglomerate like SCE to city like LA DWP) has rebates toward Solar Photovoltaic System until year 2016. However, as more and more Solar Photovoltaic system being installed, the rebate amount will be less and less. The Federal tax credit is also available at 30% of the system cost after the utility rebate.

-How long is the installation process?
Our typical installation process takes approximately 2 days depending on weather. We would like to start early in the morning to the convenience of the home owner and end at the last ray of sun light the next day.


-Is it difficult to install a solar system and why can’t I do it myself?
It isn’t difficult to install a Solar Photovoltaic system. However, the installation involves expertise from roofing skill, electrical technician, permitting skill to city government inspection paper work. Solar Power Engineer Corp will take care of all processes for you.


-How does a solar system work?
Solar panels in your roof will produce electricity (DC) during a sunny day. A Solar Photovoltaic Inverter will take this electricity via electrical wire and convert this electricity to your home electricity (AC) and pump it back to your Main Electrical Panel box. You will be amazed to see that your electrical meter actually spinning backward as the Solar Photovoltaic System is turned on the first time.

-What is the warrantee on a solar system?
Most Solar panel manufacturer warrantee their panels for 25 years. Most Solar Inverter manufacturer warrantee their inverter for 10 years of operation. Solar Power Engineer Corporation will warrantee our part and labor for 10 years.


-What if I have to repair my roof?
Unfortunately, a solar electric system is mounted on the roof. If a roof needs to be repair, there is a possibility that portion of Solar Photovoltaic system will have to be taken off. Solar Power Engineer Corp will assist you in any way we can.

-How long do Solar Photovoltaic systems last?
Most solar systems are predicted to last anywhere between 25 and 35 years. Most manufacturers guarantee that, in 25 years, your panels will make 80% of the electricity they did in the first year.

-How reliable is a solar system?

Solar Power Engineer Corporation background is in engineering. We understand the reliability factor in a system, and picked the most reliable components to be installed for our customer. We had chosen materials that are resistance to water (rain), heat and Ultra Violet ray (sun). We had picked installation method that will provide double and triple protection for your roof.


-If the power goes out, will my solar system keep making energy?
No. A typical Solar Photovoltaic system is Grid-Tie. So your solar system will automatically shut off if the power goes out. You can get around this by having a battery backup or a generator, though they aren’t usually recommended due to cost of battery backup system.
Can I sell extra energy back to my utility company?
Yes and no. 44 states have net metering policies which means you can get “roll over credit” if your system makes more energy than you use. But, very few utility companies in the U.S. will cut you a check if you make more energy than you use over the course of a year.

Can I add panels later?
Adding panels is possible but it can be complicated. Inverters and solar panels are designed to “fit together” like puzzle pieces. Because there’s an ideal number of solar panels that should be hooked up to a specific inverter, a whole mini system – solar panels and inverter – would most likely need to be added if you want to add panels.


-What size system do I need?
The solar system size you need depends on how much electricity you use. Our knowledgeable design team will design the right solar system size system for you.


Will solar increase my California property taxes?
No. Section 73 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code provides a property tax exclusion on most types of solar systems, including home Solar Photovoltaic systems.

Can my homeowners association (HOA) in California stop me from installing a Solar Photovoltaic system?
No. The California Solar Rights Act says that homeowners associations (HOAs), governments, and other organizations can’t stop you from installing a solar system. Other areas of the world like solar panels northern Ireland will have different rules and regulations as stipulated by their various governments.

How does solar affect my home’s value?
Solar can significantly increase the value of your home. An ICF Consulting study concluded that saving $1 every year on energy costs adds $20 to a home’s value.
-What is a payback period for solar?
The payback for your solar system depends on lots of variables. Your payback could be anywhere between 5 and 15 years depending on how much energy you use and how much sun your roof gets.

Will the California solar rebates expire?
Although the rebates aren’t set to expire at any specific time, the money is being used up. The California solar rebate program began in January 2007 and is funded for $3.2 billion of solar rebates. This money was supposed to last ten years but it’s being used faster than expected. Plus, in California, rebate amounts decrease as more Solar Photovoltaic systems are built. So, unfortunately, the best time to install a solar system has historically always been “yesterday.”

What’s new for home solar electricity in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009?
The economic stimulus bill signed by President Obama in February 2009 is unlikely to affect the vast majority of homeowners looking into solar electricity. The bill includes two main provisions that affect the solar electricity industry. First, it allows businesses to receive a cash grant instead of the federal investment tax credit. Second, it confirms that homeowners who go solar using municipal financing can receive the federal solar rebate.

-How frequently should I clean my solar panels?
With home solar, the solar power your panels produce will vary depending on the season, weather, and how clean your panels are. In certain situations, dust and debris can decrease your solar production by 5% to 15%. This would most likely occur in special situations, such as a forest fire near your home. Most debris that gets on your panels isn’t going to severely limit solar production. It’s best to clean your panels when you notice a significant drop in electricity production.

What’s the best weather for my solar system?
The best weather for making the most solar power is a sunny but cool day.

What happens in rain, fog, hail and lightning?
It doesn’t have to be sunny for your panels to work because it’s the UV rays that do the trick. In fog or on a cloudy day, your system will produce 25%-30% of what it normally would. Most solar panels are guaranteed to withstand 3/4 inch hail balls at 120 miles per hour. Almost all solar panels are designed to withstand lightning.
Job Descriptions:

  • Prepare sale proposals and complete documentation for residential and commercial PV system
  • Interact with customers to close the sale and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the sales cycle
  • Prospecting for new customers and qualifying leads
  • Identifying new referral sources and developing existing referral sources
  • Responding to leads from new and existing customers and be able to evaluate new sources of leads
  • Preparing and delivering sales presentations
  • Estimating and pricing systems with built in margins
  • Conducting preliminary site survey analysis for job estimating, rough system design
  • Completing post-installation quality assurance tasks
  • Communicating with project manager regarding system design
  • Experience with negotiating contracts, closing deals and signing contracts

Required Qualifications:

  • Must be “very” proficient at computers – excel, word, internet, salesforce.com
  • Minimum Two Years Experience with PV installation, design, and sales
  • Experience with Solmetric Sun-Eye
  • Ability to read, understand, and edit electrical and structural plans
  • Proven Closer with many deals under your belt
  • Excellent customer service skills and experience
  • Four-year college degree prefer
  • Location(s):
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Orange County, CA

This position is COMMISSION only. Those individuals that can close sales will be substantially rewarded.

1) Submit your resume along with cover letter to support@SolarPowerEngineerCorp.com
2) Please do not call